Our Approach

A CLEAR UNDERSTANDINGunderstandingicon

Is IT just computers? No. It stands for Information Technology. IT is a tool to help your business, it is not the answer to your business, you need to do the work, we want to make that as easy and secure as possible for you. There are two types of technology that handle information, and you have been using one all your life.


By making the two work together, we can optimize our customers IT, there for optimizing one of the tools of your business.

3psBy improving the efficiency of our customers IT, we will help to reduce the loss of productivity that exists within slow or troublesome systems.

By listening to the users and through support, advice on best practices and new technologies we can deliver solutions to our customers which will optimize the productivity of every user.


To increase Productivity, we need to identify and address problems with Performance and People.

Possible problems with Performance of existing systems:

  • Inadequate systems – Current system cannot effectively support the requirements of the company, by either having lower specifications or incorrect configuration.
  • Underused systems – Current system is not being utilised to its full potential. This can also be a result of poor configuration.
  • Willingness to explore new technology – Without knowing the available alternatives, a company cannot know if they have the right system in place.

Possible problems with People using existing systems:

  • Inappropriate usage – Games, Instant Messaging services and other distractions.
  • Lack of confidence – unsure of implications of actions on the system.
  • Incorrect usage – not familiar with best practices, carrying out tasks inefficiently.

By reacting directly to these problems, the result will be in an increase in productivity.


One way of increasing user productivity is to reduce the amount of time users spend dealing with IT issues, when they should be dealing with your primary business. We can achieve this by positioning ourselves between our customers and their current and future IT suppliers, such as ISPs, hardware and software vendors and support.

We can speak in technical terms to the suppliers and translate to clear English for our customers.