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Free IT Audit offered by Clear IT Solutions to all local* companies

The Free IT Audit is a structured IT survey that provides you with a top-level analysis of your IT infrastructure. There's no cost to you and no obligation to purchase anything from us. It's an IT health check; think of it as a second opinion on your technology set up.

We'll advise you of how robust your technical architecture is, how good your security is and the performance of your equipment and applications. We'll recommend improvements, where improvements are needed. It's not uncommon for us to tell people that they have a good IT system and should be happy with their existing suppliers or organisation.

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What's involved in the Free IT Audit?

The IT audit considers four primary areas:

  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Security

Our Free IT Audit is non-intrusive; no-one needs to stop working or turn anything off, we'll never interrupt anyone's critical workflow.

The standard IT survey process

A few days ahead of the IT Audit, we’ll share our standard confidentiality agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement). This ensures that any data or sensitive information we encounter is dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Upon arrival, we will need to meet with the person responsible for all of IT within the business.

A walk-around to visually inspect the network and machinery, as well as gathering user-feedback. Followed by a network review.

Once the audit is complete, we’ll write up a report, off-site.

We’ll then return to deliver the report and any recommendations, discussing with senior management.

After this, if there's interest in our services, we'll be in a position to provide a quotation for any recommended work. Alternatively, if nothing else is required, we will leave the report with you.

There's no charge for the Audit. There's no obligation to purchase anything from us or to accept any of our recommendations.

How do businesses qualify for Free IT Audits?

  1. Businesses must have between 5 and 50 staff that have their own logins to the network. These may be full-time or part-time, employees or contractors.
  2. Businesses must be within a 1 hour drive of Saffron Walden (roughly 20 miles).
  3. Businesses must be single site, stand-alone operations. (If there are multiple, local sites, we can discuss alternative arrangements).
  4. All questions on the below form must be answered and sent to us.
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