What is IT Support?

What IT can do for your business?

The past year has been one of the fastest periods of digitalisation our businesses have ever seen. The strain of the pandemic has now pushed industry towards concepts like remote working and digital client contact. Reliable IT Support (Information & Technology) is now critical for your business to stay online and connected.

It can be extremely difficult to maintain your employees’ network and IT access. System failures or even cyber-attacks can be catastrophic for your business. This could potentially result in huge revenue losses.

What is IT Support?

That’s where you should call in the experts: IT Support. Sometimes more commonly known as technical support, IT Support is the use of trained IT specialists for support with your computer-related needs. The use of this service helps you to resolve any computer problem that you may have. Good IT Support allows your employees to continue working and keeps your company’s data safe.

How IT Support can Help?

IT Support can help introduce great cost-saving measures and bring in new ways of working.  This includes providing reliable remote access for employees working at home or enabling video conferencing solutions for meetings with your staff and clients. At its very basic level, technical support can help you keep your systems online and connected to the Internet.

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Cost of Poor IT Support

Little or no IT support infrastructure can lead to serious problems for your business. Even the most basic faults can cause hours of downtime. It may be possible, for instance, for a tech-savvy employee to fix problems one-by-one. But any time offline will cost you even more money in lost productivity. If your business has multiple devices on a shared network, a quick fix could have even more consequences for other users.

Also, a lack of cybersecurity creates a serious problem for your organisation. Without guidance in setting up firewalls or anti-malware, your business could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This could:

  • Cause damage to your computer systems.
  • Lead to even more costly downtime.
  • Expose your customers’ personal data.

A data breach could lead to fines for your business under current Data Protection legislation. As you can see, it’s just not worth going at it alone when it comes to digital security.

How should you deploy IT Support?

There are a few ways business owners can deploy IT support in their business. The avenue you should pick rests entirely on your organisation’s needs.

Small Businesses

If you’re a small business, you should work with an IT Support company. These firms offer dedicated support to your employees when they need it. They work outside of your company and use methods like remote access to detect and fix any technical problems. This then avoids the need to take on dedicated staff and ensures you get a great level of IT support.

These solutions can be quite affordable if you opt for a subscription-based service. With this model, business owners can reliably factor in the price of support into their operating costs.

Large Businesses

Larger businesses may choose to form their own in-house IT Support departments. If your organisation has a large office with lots of users, having an IT department on site can help you resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

On-site technicians can also help with installing network hardware and setting up new devices. This makes sure that any new system is available for use as soon as possible. However, you will have to bear the costs of taking on extra staff and purchasing equipment. Though, for larger businesses, the cost-savings of a seamless IT experience can help quickly absorb this loss.