Top 7 Reasons Why IT Support is Important in Business

What IT can do for your business?

As more business invest heavily in transforming their operations to take advantage of computing and IT (information technology), it’s never been more important to have the correct technical help to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly.

IT Support firms – also known as technical support – provide that much-needed help if anything goes wrong with your IT systems. They can also unlock brand new ways of working remotely. If you aren’t yet using an IT Support provider, here are seven reasons why IT support is so important in business.



1. Time

Using a dedicated technical support service frees up time for you as the business owner and your employees. It is possible to fix some computer problems yourself, but the lost time in diagnosing and fixing faults can cost you hours of operational downtime.

IT Support can help fix problems easily, quickly and even remotely. Technicians can also drastically improve the time it takes to set up new employee’s systems and accounts, getting your new starters up and running as quickly as possible.

2. Productivity

IT Support firms can advise your business on the latest technologies to improve efficiency. Technical support can help install robust remote working software and point out brand new productivity tools.

The introduction of video conferencing and document collaboration software like Microsoft Office 365 can make working together as a team over the Internet a lot easier. Better productivity ultimately leads to greater profits as your team can work faster and more efficiently.


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3. Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is difficult to install and even more difficult to maintain. IT Support firms can help you select the right network topology for your business. They can also ensure you’re using the right network hardware and troubleshoot any connection or speed issues you may be having.

4. Future Proofing

It may be tempting to go for the cheapest systems or skimp out on IT infrastructure. IT Support firms know the benefits of future-proofing. New systems and infrastructure can pay back its cost through improved productivity and reduced system refresh cycles. They can advise you on which systems are less likely to go ‘out of date’ and ensure your business keeps running smoothly for years to come.

5. Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of IT Support is the maintenance of your computer networks. If systems are poorly maintained, components can be at risk of failure, leading to massive capital costs and even more devastating data losses.

IT Support can remotely monitor the health of your computers in real-time and respond to any problems before they happen. IT Support can handle the normally arduous task of updating software and drivers to ensure any upgrade runs smoothly.

6. Data

A loss of company files and data can set your business back by weeks or even months in terms of lost productivity. IT Support firms can set up backup routines to ensure your data keeps safe. They can even provide or advise on cloud storage solutions. Cloud storage allows for geographical redundancy. This means that if there is a fire or an accident at your workplace, your data can still be retrieved from the cloud storage provider.
The way you handle data is also important. Under GDPR guidelines, companies have to handle customer data discretely and securely. IT technicians are experts in GDPR compliance and can ensure you’re adhering to the data protection regulations.


7. Money

At the end of the day, inadequate IT Support affects your bottom line. Computer faults can cause hours of operational downtime. Decreased productivity due to slow systems and poorly implemented remote working and collaboration solutions can hurt your business’s competitiveness. Data breaches involving customer’s personal information puts you or your business at risk of fines or prosecution. IT Support firms are important to save you money: in lost time, in lost productivity and avoiding expensive disasters.