Complex Passwords

Easily create complex passwords with just one-click.

No more easy to guess and easy to break passwords.

For your Team

Manage and share your Company passwords with role based permissions.

Give individual password vaults to your Team.

Access Anywhere

No need to remember your passwords anymore or write them on Post-it notes.

Access them anywhere from a cloud portal or a mobile app.

Securely Protected

Secure your passwords with military grade encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Protect your company against cyber attacks.

Complex Passwords
For your Team
Access Anywhere
Securely Protected

How strong are your passwords ?

  • Passwords are one of the weakest, if not THE weakest spot in the whole field of online security.
  • People are lazy and tend to choose the easiest password to remember.
  • Recent studies show the most common passwords used are “password” or “12345”.
  • Passwords are too easy to guess and too easy to break.

Do you use the same password for everything ?

Worse than having a weak password is sharing a password across multiple accounts. Some studies mention that more than 70% of online users are sharing the same password to access different accounts.

Then combine the rise of phishing attacks, with an increase of 400% in 2019 and we have a recipe for disaster. Millions of logins and passwords are sold on the internet every year, leaving us vulnerable to cyber-attacks and scams.

Having a password manager solution is fundamental to keep you safe and protected. With Clear Password Manager you will be able to securely store, access and manage all your passwords.

Breaches involved use of stolen credentials
Organisations have experienced a phishing attack in the past year
Malware was delivered via email
Users using the same password

We have a solution for you.

Clear Password Manager is a solution designed having in mind SME’s, easy and simple to use.

A company vault to store and share, logins/passwords used by your team.

Individual vaults for each member of your team. All securely accessible from a cloud portal or a mobile app.

  • Create complex passwords that you don’t need to remember
  • Access your passwords from anywhere
  • Your passwords are kept protected and encrypted

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